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Video Journal - The Making of The Symphony of the Seven Angels

I am currently working on the audacious prospect of composing, performing, and recording a classical symphony, The Symphony of the Seven Angels. This work is inspired by Revelation 8-11. I will periodically post my progress in the form of a video diary of passages and musical ideas. I expect this composition to take a lot of time so check back for more postings. I hope to release each movement when I complete it.
 (VJ3.3) I needed to add this section in order to resolve the main theme of the first movement of the symphony before I proceeded to the finale. This section (VJ3.3) immediately follows (VJ3.2). Also I decided to use a grand piano voice in keeping with the post-romantic nature of the piece. (5/20/18)
(VJ3.2) This section immediately follows (VJ3.1) and features the climax to the 7-part march theme and the transition into the finale of the first movement, subtitled "Throne" (5/7/18)
(VJ3.1) This transitional passage immediately follows (VJ3) (4/16/18)
(VJ2.9) This march tempo passage immediately precedes (VJ3) (3/12/18)
(VJ3) Working on the end passage of "Throne" and will probably keep this part. (2/8/18)
(VJ1) This is an idea for the intro of the first movement titled "Throne" (1/16/18)