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The Sargasso Settlers


A city floats in the middle of the Atlantic. Oceanographer, Gunther Reinhold, discovers his recent girlfriend's body in the ocean without a brain. Rishima Patel, a maniacal microbiologist with a flair for the stage, poises to wreak bio-terror using a cruise ship of evacuees. Confined to a wheelchair, genius Lawrence Mavers, C.E.O. of the floating city, appoints only the terminally ill to his board of directors.

Reinhold must find a way to stop Patel's scheme, find the antidote, and contact the mainland before the evacuees reach Miami, or else pandemic will cover the Earth.

However, what Reinhold discovers will force him to make a choice, one that will change the destiny of humanity forever. Available in Amazon.



The unusual process for the making of this novel

I began formulation of The Sargasso Settlers by imagining the most exotic scene I could think of on Earth with present technology. I decided upon an interconnected flotilla of barges utilized as a natural habitat completely separated from land. This unique setting begged me to ask the question, "Why would anyone want to live in the middle of the ocean?"

I  immediately responded by saying "to hide something" But what?

Suddenly I came up with the reason and the entire plot spilled from my imagination. Within a few minutes I had mentally outlined the story.

The first draft seemed to fly off the keyboard and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. A few years and eight drafts later  I decided to release the final product.

I  am considering a sequel to this novel.